Monday, February 16, 2009


Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) figures as of 19 January are 1,314 Palestinians dead, of whom 412 are children and 110 are women. The number of injuries stands at 5,300, of whom 1,855 are children and 795 are women. It is still not possible to determine the number of Palestinian male civilian casualties.

Gazans displaced due to the military operation continue to make their way home. However, with the extensive destruction of homes, many people have found they are now homeless, and remain with host families or in UNRWA shelters. But it is not enough .

As of 23 January, UNRWA was operating 15 emergency shelters to accommodate 8,500 people, down from 18,035 people on 20 January and from a peak of nearly 51,000 people on 18 January. UNRWA aims to close the emergency shelters as soon as possible so that they can reopen the schools.

Based on this information , Houston community of Texas decided to start this 100 Tent campain . Sahar Abusada on her way to purchase and deliver the Tents from Cairo to Rafah border with the coardination of the Paletinian Red Croscent .

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